André Alyeska grew up in a house filled with Renaissance era oil paintings and engravings, yet never sought out art for expression.  Instead, he choose the machinery of shop classes and the more linear modality of drafting for creative outlets.  Only recently, has he referred to himself as an artist.  He prefers to work with found objects and patterns.

Art doesn’t pay.  Yet.  So he works at a psychiatric residential treatment facility for children, where he mentors youth as direct line staff and also teaches Art, Improv and Yoga.  In the community, he strives to make Yoga more accessible to men, offering Men’s and Senior Men’s Yoga.

Currently, this site features three different categories: Bulletin Boards (as it’s often hard to come up with ideas for teen themes), Me and My Kid (for some joint projects, largely directed by his daughter) and Creations, where André  displays some of his own work or ideas in progress.  André finds a lot of inspiration from the kids he works with and even in the basic concepts and projects he offers.


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