Another project I love to do with kids is Cityscapes.  I usually do it with smaller formats, but decided on a whim to blow it up and do something similar on a larger area – the café bulletin board.  Sometimes, I don’t get a lot of participation each week.  So, this one developed over a couple of sessions.  As it progressed, I was surprised at who was watching and commented on it.  The lesson?  The kids are paying attention, even if they don’t seem to be.


DBT Scrabble


The board was actually a lot of work to line out and paint.  The letters (on old manila folders) were easy enough to make (and are reusable).  Once the board was up, I’d add a “word” every day or so.  It was a neat way to engage the kids, as they offered ideas. Learn about DBT.



We never finished this bulletin board.  It started out an attempt to work with a positive/negative design I saw here.  I think I might do something like this using puzzle pieces.